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1. e.g. BMW 1, Toyoto Corolla

Economy Class

1. e.g. BMW 1, Toyoto Corolla

69 €* pro Stunde Per hour 25 km incl.
89 €* From Munich airport to downtown
max. 3
max. 2
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If you need a ride to the airport quickly and flexibly, then our Economy class is the best choice!

  • Mercedes C-Class, Audi A2, BMW 1 Series, Skoda, Opel Zafira, or equivalent
  • Driver in civilian clothes, cars painted not necessarily dark

Our fleet is regularly maintained and checked!

You need another vehicle? For example, several vintage cars, sports cars, jeeps, limos, hummer, vans (up to 8 pers.), minibuses (up to 16 pers.), buses (up to 49 pers.)!

Contact us.